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A listing in this directory is available for organizations interested in marketing their goods and services to the packrafting community.

Permanent listings are available in this directory for a one time fee until December 31, 2014. After December 31, new listings will be billed on an annual basis. The following listing types are available:

  • Standard Listing – company logo, company name with link to your website, 50-word company description – $300/year (or $500 one time fee until December 31, 2014)
  • Premium Listing – everything included in a standard listing + 60 second promotional video (you provide) – $500/year (or $750 one time fee until December 31, 2014).

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Advocacy Groups


American Packrafting Association

The American Packrafting Association represents the packrafting community to promote conservation, safety, education, and access. Membership is free. Visit the APA online.

Instruction & Guiding


Backpacking Light

Backpacking Light offers packrafting instruction and expeditions in Montana through its Wilderness Trekking School. Visit Backpacking Light’s Wilderness Trekking School online.

Ryan Jordan

Ryan Jordan offers private, 1-on-1 and small group packrafting instruction and guided expeditions throughout the world. Visit Ryan Jordan online.

Packrafting Equipment Manufacturers


Alpacka Raft Company

Alpacka packrafts are rugged, hand-built wilderness boats. Whether used for fishing a remote alpine lake, descending whitewater, or just exploring a little wetland on the side of the road, they make wilderness boating accessible. We build them to be fun, and to last. Visit Alpacka Raft online.

Werner Paddles

We believe Advanced Designs and a Great Fit are the key ingredients to achieving Ultimate Paddle Performance…therefore, to fulfill our promise we focus enormous amounts of energy to developing a complete selection of advanced paddle designs. Visit Werner Paddles online.

Supai Adventure Gear

Supai Adventure Gear, LLC is committed to making quality lightweight gear for the adventurous outdoors person! All our gear is tested in real conditions in the backcountry to make sure it performs up to our standards. No matter if you are backpacking to a secluded high altitude lake or canyoneering with a river crossing this lightweight boat is great for flat water uses! Visit Supai Adventure Gear online.

Kokopelli Raft Company

Our vision at Kokopelli Raft Co. is to create the opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to explore nature in its most serene settings. We set to accomplish this goal by bringing awareness to the rapidly growing sport of packrafting, and by creating high quality packrafts at an economical value. Visit the Kokopelli Raft Company online.

Packraft Rentals


Jackson Hole Packraft & Packraft Rentals Anywhere

Our nationwide rental process is simple! Step 1) We FedEx you a packraft. Step 2) You go on an awesome adventure. Step 3) You put the packraft back in the box, affix the provided return label and drop the box off at any FedEx location. Visit JH Packraft online and watch the video to learn more:

Trekking Equipment Manufacturers


Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Our Mission is to be the ‘Leaders in Lightweight’, by embracing innovations in materials technology and a shift to a simpler, refined approach to how you go in to the outdoors. HMG is committed to conducting the exhaustive research and development that is required to make lightweight gear that is durable and comfortable, contributing to the increased enjoyment of your sport. Visit Hyperlite Mountain Gear online.

Goosefeet Gear

Goosefeet Gear manufactures custom down clothing and accessories, including jackets, pants, booties, balaclavas, vests, and more. Visit Goosefeet Gear online.

Locus Gear

We create original outdoor gear (primarily lightweight shelters) by using state of the art design and materials to achieve designs that are minimal, elemental, and unique. Visit Locus Gear online.

Tenkara USA

Tenkara is the simple Japanese method of fly-fishing where only a rod, line and fly are used. Tenkara USA is the premiere supplier of tenkara rods, lines, flies, and other accessories for tenkara fishing. Visit Tenkara USA online.


The gear developed by Suluk 46 may be very different then what you see elsewhere. At Suluk 46, there is a continuous push to create products with the lowest possible weight while still being usable by the experienced ultralight backcountry adventurer. The creations here will literally push the limits of strength/weight ratios. You will find that this truly is the place where engineering meets backcountry equipment. To sum it up: “where engineering meets backcountry equipment”. Visit Suluk 46 online.

White Box Alcohol Stoves

White Box Alcohol Stoves weigh one ounce and are designed to boil up to 8 cups of water at one time to rehydrate your backpacker style meals. Made in Montana from 100% recycled materials these stoves have been used by long distant hikers through out the world and have a lifetime guarantee. Visit White Box Alcohol Stoves online.


RIBZ Front Pack gives easy access to your most critical gear and provides increased comfort by redistributing your weight. Compatible with any backpack or without, the RIBZ system is designed for the avid sportsmen seeking fast access to gear and improved mobility through better balance and comfort. Centralize your Essentials… Visit Ribzwear online.

Other Suppliers & Service Providers


Founders in the Wild

Founders in the Wild provides networking, coaching, and training for entrepreneurs of rapid growth startups. Reflection. Experience. Adventure. Life.


DSLRPros are Independent Film equipment and aerial film-making specialists with expertise in the technology and delivery of aerial unmanned systems for personal and professional use (non-military grade). Visit DSLRPros online.


We hand-craft beautiful and functional websites for our social- and eco-conscious partners from our studio in the San Francisco North Bay. Visit Bracia online.

Venture Arts

We solve business communication problems. For IT and business consultants, your success depends on more than good creative. We are built to help you protect client relationships, generate growth, respond quickly, and focus on what you do best. Visit Venture Arts online.

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